It’s Here!!!! Now What?

This past month has been crazy… not busy, just out of this world stress and delays. We had a local company build the shell of the cabin. Matt works 6 days a week usually and the 7th day is spent mostly at church then with family. This company builds great quality buildings, and they build everything on site. Unfortunately, we were a “first” for this company as an online customer. We were told the cabin would be done in 2 weeks… 6 delayed deadlines and nearly 4 weeks later we finally got the cabin. The benefit of the delays is the company discounted our price significantly and also put framing up and electrical/lighting. It’s amazing how God turns bad things into blessings, it’s just getting through that journey to get to the blessing that will drive you crazy!

We buried a bible in the foundation of our home.
We buried a bible in the foundation of our home.
It's here!
It’s here!

Where we are now – our first step was to reinforce the foundation of the cabin. The company that moved the cabin to our land used foundation block and cinder blocks and a few shims mostly in the middle and we were just not fully comfortable with this. So we grabbed some foundation blocks (both large and small), some gravel, and 2 treated 4x4x8 pieces. We put gravel down first, then layered it with a large foundation block, a small one, and then from there decided if it needed a piece of a cinder block, a piece of a 2×4, 1×4, or both. The 4x4x8s will go on the back long side of the cabin, attached to the frame and more foundation blocks. This end is where all of our appliances, vanity, toilet, tub/shower, and washer/dryer will be so it needs the most support.

The inside looking into the living room area.
The inside looking into the living room area.

Because the cabin was delayed so much, we have to stay in my grandparent’s camper until the cabin is done. Next week the mobile home will be moved off of our property, and I have done like almost no packing. Remember earlier I said I am perfectionist? Yep, here it is again. I have our “toy room” now converted into a storage area – each corner has a sign – “Cabin”, “Donate”, “Shed-Indefintely”, “Shed-Need Access To”, “Trash”. When packing, I need to make sure that if I ever have to find a specific item I will know exactly where it is instead of opening every box until I find it. And because we wont have ample storage in our cabin, I needed organization for our memorabilia containers (we have two kids, and yes I am THAT mom who keeps first haircut curls and VBS art). My goal is by the end of this week, we will be completely packed. I wont say if I plan on staying up all night on Saturday to get all of this done. Oh, and have I mentioned Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!??

Things we remind ourselves hourly (because minutely isnt a word): God is in control, we have submitted this entire project, not to mention our lives, to Him. We may get tired trying to fight, and we dont need to. He has already overcome the world, we need only to curl up in His arms and let Him fight FOR us. This is only a season, we wont be building a cabin forever (even though sometimes it feels like it). One day we will actually be living in this thing that we worked hard on, and it will be awesome. My marriage and my family are more important than getting this cabin done, period. It is so easy to get so overwhelmed with what is at hand, and then take it out on my kids or husband. And let me tell you, the enemy wants that SO bad. I know, because it is a constant battle for me. I am a passionate person, so anger comes very easy. I will not blow up at my husband or kids, at these times I will retreat to my Savior. And lastly, everything is a learning curve. Matt is amazing at electrical, but plumbing he has never done. He has done a ridiculous amount of research but until we actually DO it we really dont know what to expect.

Our goals this week: packing, foundation, plumbing, build stairway/closet, install doors, start additional electric (Matt knows more about this… but it includes running speaker wires). I will update later this week… Matt has the week of Christmas off so we will be getting MOST of our to-do list done at this time. Please continue to pray for our family!


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