The Beginning

This all started in late October… Matt and I were being led to a decision that would excite us but also make us uncomfortable. We made the choice to sell the mobile home we are living in (to be moved off of our property) and buy a small cabin. We were made aware of these lofted cabins and started our research there. I had heard of tiny homes before (thank you Pinterest) but the portability of them just wasn’t of any interest to us. Matt and I literally spent DAYS researching our options, it was like piecing together puzzles from different resources to get the ultimate end result. I said so many times that I wished I could find ONE website where I could find the most inspiration for a lofted cabin design made into a home including a bedroom downstairs (the loft would also be a bedroom), a bath, laundry area, kitchen, and living area with ample space for playtime and working out. Yeah, nothing. Absolutely nowhere could I find this information. We found little things here and there, my Pinterest board is exploding at the seams, but much of what we are doing is not on the world wide web. So here I am, blogging. First let me start off by saying I not only suck at speaking even to my husband, for me to sit and write an informative blog is insane. Just ask Matt, my “love letters” are like those cards your 3 year old writes you on Valentines Day. So just keep that in mind when reading this 🙂

I would first like to explain why we are calling our cabin  “The Chalet”. I love watching the show House Hunters International – and I love how some areas name their homes. Like someone names their cars (ahem… Matthew) I wanted a name for our home. When I brought it up to Matt, his first response was “The Chalet”. Our honeymoon was spent in Gatlinburg, and it was beautiful. We stayed in the cutest one bedroom cabin in the mountains and it was called The Getaway Chalet.

I present to you, The Chalet.

The first step to this process was deciding on size and floor plan. We initially decided on a 12×32 cabin, due to our budget. With further research we changed it to a 14×32 lofted cabin. Floor plan… oh man. The floor plan was ridiculous. You have to keep in mind where you want electric to be, where your plumbing is, how expensive it would be to run your plumbing, where you would watch tv, do you want a stand up shower or a tub, where will your windows go, how big do you want your loft to be, was it a good idea for the kids to share a room… Matt was amazing at drawing five thousand to-scale drawings for me. My brain doesn’t work like this, I almost grabbed a spray paint can and spray painted our layout outside in our yard so I could “walk” through it. I swear we changed our layout 100 times. As soon as Matt would finally feel comfortable with the layout he had, I would have a “better” idea (totally not better, usually it made NO sense). This caused tension between us, Matt’s desire to be the man of the house and choose the best plan for us conflicted with my obsession to make sure it was perfect. I was at fault… but as I am learning through this, EVERYTHING is a learning experience. My husband is awesome, he works SO hard ❤ This is our final floor plan… (how stinking cool is this… Matt found the most awesome app to accomplish this!)

The Loft – above the kids bedroom and bath
Main Floor



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