Lets just see how crazy we can get….

The past two weeks have been… difficult (to say the least). As you know, Matt was off of work for an entire week to get electrical, plumbing, and insulation/drywall done in the cabin. Aside from those things, I can do everything else while he is at work.

Monday was spent running to Rockwall to run a few errands and hit up the restore and the hardware store to get everything for the drain system.

Tuesday it rained, and we had no clue it was supposed to. We woke up, heard the rain, mumbled under our breaths, then ran outside because tools had been left out. GOOD MORNING! Matt got to work inside trying to map out the plumbing as best he could. My mom also got the flu today, really, the flu the day before Christmas Eve. 😦

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, Matt got up early and started again on plumbing. He came back a few hours later defeated… only way I can explain this: I am a stay at home mom, my job duties everyday consist of making food, cleaning, running around with kids, and organizing. Prior to doing this I worked in an office. Lets say during our cabin adventure I thought it would be pretty cool to take up electrical and run the electrical through our home. I spent weeks researching, watching YouTube videos, and reading. You think I could get in there and wire the house correctly? Heck no. I don’t understand electrical one bit, and no matter the amount of research I did there is NO WAY I could wire anything correctly. I don’t do electrical! Same thing, Matt knows home theater like the back of his hand, and he totally understands electrical. And just to keep bragging about my awesome husband, he totally understands music and cars. But plumbing? He has never had to do anything with plumbing besides maybe hooking up a shower head. And we aren’t talking about fixing a kitchen sink, we are talking about hooking up ALL plumbing – drains, water lines, etc – in a home. OUR home, where our kids sleep. It is a HUGE feat, and intimidating. So after a pep talk in the bathroom, we decided we would contact a plumber. We had no clue how we would afford it, but it is what we had to do at this point. Matt went back out to the cabin and decided to switch gears and rewire the electrical lines to our liking.

Christmas Day was spent with the family. Matt worked on a bit more electrical but that was it. We had some great friends of ours join us for dinner and they checked out the cabin and gave some valuable pointers.

Friday it rained again (can I just point out that we have been in a drought here in East Texas for the past several months, and it has rained more in the past WEEK than it has the past month!?). Matt finished up electrical mostly and my amazing dad built us stairs for the front door (we had been using a ladder). Matt also talked to the plumber who said it would be possibly Monday before he can come out.

Saturday – this is the day we woke up and thought, “Oh my goodness… we have two days to pack and move out of this house!” The cabin was put on the back burner at this point. We loaded the family into the car, rented a storage unit, a Uhaul trailer, and grabbed donuts for fuel. We got home and started crazy packing – as organized as I started out to be, it didn’t turn out so great in the end. We moved into our grandparents camper on this day. Strangely it was a breath of fresh air, there isn’t a single box in this camper and is safer than the living room floor for Jordan Lynn to crawl around on. The next two days were spent just getting things either in boxes, in donate bags, or in trash. It seemed like every time I had a box packed or a piece of furniture loaded out, there was even more to be packed. This was the most stressful part of this whole journey. I never want to do this again, I swear this was more stressful than moving halfway across the country. Sunday we spent the entire day moving things to the storage unit. We needed to turn the Uhaul in at 7pm, we got there at 7:01. Seriously, we cut it that close. Monday we finished packing and moved things into our shed. Matt went back to work on Tuesday. Tuesday night Matt got the AC units out and at this point we just have a few things to get out. My sisters were awesome – they watched my children the entire weekend. And where my mom really could use them at home to get stuff done (remember, she had the flu?). And my dad helped us load stuff to storage when he really needed to get stuff done on the farm. I can’t thank them enough. And while I thanking people, my grandparents and Aunt Cherry opened their home and kitchen for each holiday this past week. And my Uncle Todd talked to Matt about plumbing and is helping out a ton. My family rocks.

Wednesday was New Years Eve, and Thursday was New Years Day. It rained again Thursday and Friday. Like torrential downpour rain – so much so it leaked into the camper and soaked our pillows and mattress. I’ll say it again, we all of a sudden get the rain we so desperately needed all summer the week we actually need it to NOT rain!?

Okay so I’m over talking about last week – you are updated enough to know the only thing that got done was electrical and stairs. You want to know the one thing that made this entire week worth it? Where God truly showed us that He does care for us, even when it seems we are being hit from every angle? Remember our plumbing issue? Saturday night, our first night in the camper, Matt and I were sitting at the table eating (finally) and I get a message from a sweet friend. She let me know her husband has been talking about our cabin all weekend and wishes he knew we needed a plumber because he just so happens to be a master plumber. Are you serious!? The only better way this could have been presented is if God handed it to me Himself. I’m still, a week later, floored by this. I cried, my eyes still water today. Right now I am still speechless. So this is all I have on this matter. My heart is so full! 🙂

What God has taught us this week: first off, I don’t think we can be more thankful for our blessings right now. My family (both here and in NC), our church, our friends, the outpouring of love and prayers over us. And as unfortunate as it was that my mom had the flu, no one else got it when we were all together most of the week. And she is doing much better! Praise God for healing!

From Facebook
From Facebook

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me – it was cold, raining, Jordan Lynn wouldn’t take a nap, I wasn’t feeling well. I looked forward to date night all day (Fridays are date night, regardless if kids tag along). I finally got everything loaded to go to my parent’s house to get ready by the time Matt got home. I was pumped to take a hot shower, and there is no hot water. I don’t know why it wasn’t working, other than the enemy taking the hot water from me to steal my joy. And I’m not going to lie, it did. I threw a fit, like threw my towel on the floor, sat in the corner, and cried. I’m ashamed to admit it, but no one is perfect and I certainly am the farthest thing from it. And it didn’t end there, nope. After Matt sliced his thumb trying to look at the water heater, I “bathed” with a baby wipe and ice-cold water, Jordan Lynn cried for 30 minutes straight, and Isaiah cried because of something that happened an hour earlier, it was pouring down rain THUNDERSTORMING (in January!?) by the time we left. I bawled my eyeballs out for about 30 minutes in the car – I kept telling myself what a horrible mother I was and not much better of a wife. I looked back at Isaiah who was watching a movie, Matt was holding my hand, and Jordan Lynn was sleeping. I decided this moment wasn’t going to define me. I prayed and asked God to forgive me for my anger and for letting the enemy steal my joy and in return it effecting my kids and husband. It felt like a ton had been lifted from my shoulders, I could then hold my head up and breath again. It only took two hours (sarcastic tone here), but I had to make the CHOICE to either sit in my self-pity and continue to beat myself up or I can get over it and choose to be better from this point forward. Hopefully next time I will learn and just not let the enemy steal my joy to begin with. I saw this quote last night on Facebook by Renée Swope and it basically put my emotions in one sentence (I love how other people can do this, yet I have yet to accomplish it!): “I can either resent my circumstances or make the best of them with God’s help.” LOVE!!!

I LOVE these people <3
I LOVE these people ❤

Happy New Year!



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