Oh My Goodness, the ball is rolling!

I wouldn’t say this is much of an update, but a declaration. This week began on a very uneasy note, and after much frustration we have transitioned.

Let me start off by letting you know Matt and I are a part of an amazing church, and to really start off the year 2015, our team was asked to fast for 21 days and focus on the goals we have for our church and family. We both chose something we felt God was calling us away from to focus on Him. Mine is sweets, seems like a cop-out but it isn’t. I’m such a sucker for sweets, and I am an emotional eater. And lets just say I’m emotional 99% of the time 🙂 This kind of moved into anything sweet, not just candy/cake. So coffee creamer, most condiments/dressing, and sweet tea. Matt chose Facebook and any drinks except water (I don’t know how he is doing this. Coffee is my LIFE). Why is this important? One of our goals for this 21 day span would be that God would instill patience in our lives. With all of the stress we have, I tend to let it build until an atomic bomb goes off from all of the pressure.

*So this just happened… JL is taking a nap, and Isaiah knows he needs to be quiet (which is KILLING him). He sees me focused on my computer, typing. So he brings all of his stuffed animals under the table into the seat next to me. I keep telling him “Shhh”, because I know what’s about to happen. So he climbs up and bumps his knee of the table which makes a really loud noise. I looked at him with my “Mommy eyes” and told him “Shhh” AGAIN and that if he can’t be quiet he will read in his bed until JL wakes up. So I go back to typing that last sentence and he kisses my shoulder. It’s like God knew I needed some love. Isaiah is still being noisy, not meaning to but literally stepping on EVERY loud toy in this camper, but he is cute.*

Now with a fast, you dig into God’s Word. I am not good at this, I can’t just throw my Bible open and start reading. I need a guide, a study otherwise I don’t get ANYTHING out of it. On day two of the fast, I decided I would read a book by the amazing Lisa Bevere called “Be Angry But Don’t Blow It”. I had started the book a few years ago but never finished it. I thought this would be an awesome study and my goal was to have it finished by the end of the month (which is a big deal, I don’t read books). I read like 4 chapters by Noon, which is important because I get a phone call from Matt. Long story short he was being attacked by the enemy (which is so weird, because it is usually me… I’m a pretty easy target). So after he talked it out a bit, I read him several pieces from these 4 chapters I had just read. And it was EXACTLY what he needed. *How awesome it is that God gives you a partner, and when you are down that person is up. And when they are down, you are up!?*

It is no coincidence that our patience is being tested just two days into this fast. God is going to be doing something AMAZING in this 21 days, and there’s your proof. The enemy doesn’t attack when God isn’t present.

“‘Be strong and courageous! Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of the king of Assyria or his mighty army, for there is a power far greater on our side! He may have a great army, but they are merely men. We have the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles for us!’ Hezekiah’s words greatly encouraged the people.” 2 Chronicles 32:7-8

Our view from the camper. I love how the cold makes the sky so clear.
Our view from the camper. I love how the cold makes the sky so clear.

It is cold here. They have been calling for freezing rain, sleet, and snow for the past two days. There was a front coming from the south with torrential rain and then a front from the north bring freezing cold temperatures. The weather people knew where it collided it would be ridiculous, they just didn’t know exactly where. Well God is awesome and it didn’t hit here. So it is just cold… and windy. It is supposed to rain Saturday and might freeze overnight but praying for God to change that too.

Tonight our friend is coming to walk through the cabin with Matt to map out plumbing. I am going to be measuring out the walls to get insulation at least in two walls (that don’t have any plumbing lines) and also drywall. I’m in the process of researching possible alternatives to drywall, that will be cost-effective as well as durable enough. Even if we do go for drywall I want to know I did all the research I could to make the best decision. We have maybe two and half weeks to get everything in the cabin done and moved in (ahhh!). Matt is working overtime still, and is off this Sunday and then 3 days the week of the 19th off. We need massive prayers for God’s presence to be surrounding us at all times, and His hand on this so we are supernaturally productive. I am so thankful for everyone’s help and prayers so far. Ya’ll are so awesome.

Camper living: it’s fun(ny). We are teaching Isaiah to share his toys and JL’s (yes, he gets upset if JL plays with her toy that he was playing with) since they don’t have separate play spaces, JL isn’t sleeping but an hour at a time so she normally ends up in our bed by 3am (not sure why, it may be a growth spurt or she isn’t comfortable in the pack’n’play), I feel like I am cleaning most of the time however it only takes me a few minutes to clean everything so it works out, and because it is cold outside the milk in the fridge is extremely cold which is my FAVORITE!

My view this morning from our bed in the camper.
My view this morning from our bed in the camper.

Tonight was suppose to be date night, but we wanted to make sure we could map out the plumbing so we rescheduled it for tomorrow night. We are double dating with my parents and will be going to play pool. Can I just say how I have looked forward to playing pool with my parents? They have always played pool, that’s actually how my dad proposed. I’m officially a grow up 🙂 We will also be watching the game… GO PANTHERS!

I am going to try to update next week, there will be tons to update and tons of pictures to post!


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